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INDIGO INCOME is a leading online investment platform in the lucrative field of digital cryptocurrency market, that strive to give you top-quality service and generate sufficient rewards for all involved.Cryptocurrency trading is becoming a very lucrative business. This new, extremely volatile asset class promises returns greater than anything else on other markets is currently able to. Cryptocurrency is one of the fasted growing industries with market caps reaching over $100 billion dollars in record time. Why is Cryptocurrency so popular? And why did we choose this direction? The biggest reason for financial interest is that the investment returns are absolutely mind-boggling. Bitcoin has shown an approximate 1,500% increase in 2017, while Ethereum has skyrocketed over 10,000%.

There are also less known crypto tokens emerging now which offer even higher potential returns. It is also no secret that the blockchain technological innovation is at the crux of the cryptocurrency industry. This distributed ledger technology creates a more efficient and trustworthy way for people and companies to store information in a decentralized way. This is crucial because you only have to trust the technology itself not the tech and finance companies who may be stealing and selling your data. This brings to next point - the psychological view on cryptocurrency. Individuals who advocate freedom and despise control by the Government and large corporations, can find consolation in cryptocurrency. More countries are recognizing cryptocurrencies every day, and blockchain technology is supported at various levels of the financial sector. All this together is a cause why we have chosen this direction. Our team consists of professional traders and has a huge experience in this field.

Our clients have the opportunity to gain profit from trading various cryptocurrency pairs through the activities of our experts on well-known exchanges such as Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bitstamp and others. As trading tools, we use the following currency pairs: BTC/USD, BTC/LTC, ETH/BTC, LTC/USD, and other Altcoins. United by common interests and the desire to be at the forefront of the cryptocurrency market, we are constantly improving our performance and always are in the vanguard of technology. Applying highly effective communication lines and the last achievements in the high-frequency trading area (using arbitrage) we are safely generating high profit. This allows us to increase constantly the number of working capital. Indigo Income is made up of digital currency enthusiasts, and we completely commit ourselves to our business.

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43, Chase Side, London, N14 5BP
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