Indigo IncomeEasier and safer
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Step 1Open an account

The first thing you need to do is to open your personal account in our program. It's quite easy and doesn't take much time. In order to open the personal account, please, click on the 'Open an Account' button, fill in the fields of the registration form with required information and press 'Register'. Once account is created, you can immediately start investing.

Open an account

Step 2Make a deposit

To make a deposit, sign in to your personal account and choose 'Make investment' section. Choose the investment plan you like as well as an electronic payment system (EPS) through which you will conduct all financial transactions. Enter the deposit amount and click 'Make Deposit'. The system will send you to the site of the chosen payment system. Follow the instructions of EPS, after which your deposit will be credited to the investment plan, which you've chosen.

Make a deposit

Step 3Withdraw profit

When profit is accrued on your account balance, you can withdraw it via EPS. Log into your account, choose the 'Withdraw funds' section and create a request for payment of funds. Fill in the withdrawal details and click on the 'Withdraw' button.

Withdraw profit
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RISK WARNING: Investing carries a variety of risks, and it's important you understand them before making investment decision. It must be emphasized that in a market economy, investments will never fully be without risks. Market risks can include interest rate risk, inflation risk, currency risk, liquidity risk and sociopolitical risk. If contemplating an investment or investment service, you should make your own decision as to the suitability of the investment or service.